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Welcome to the British Safety Council Centre Portal.

The Centre Portal is for use by approved British Safety Council centres to manage the qualifications and assessments they are approved to deliver

Registrations and Test Schedules Must be Completed 3 Hours Prior to Test Start

Please note as of 01/09/2019 learners must be registered and have their tests scheduled a MINIMUM of 3 hours prior to the start date & time, as previously communicated to your head of centre.

How to Log In

Registered user names are normally firstname surname e.g. joebloggs 

If you are an Approved British Safety Council Centre, and you do not have a valid password, please confirm you have read the Terms and Conditions and click on the Forgotten your password link above to generate a new password email.

Please Note: You will be asked to confirm your email address on the next screen and you will be asked to change your password when you login for the first time following the request.  The reset password link will only work once.

All users must have their own user name and password, these details cannot be shared.

If you do not have a registered username or password please ask you Head of Centre to contact the Qualifications Team [email protected]

Where we identify the use of shared logins, access to the system will be restricted and the incident referred to the Compliance Team.

For newly applying centres click here to access the Approved Centre application process.

If you have any problems or questions then please email [email protected]